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We specialize In Sensuality​​ & Couple Counseling Courses.

About Gratification opens its doors to everyone looking for professional relationship counseling and courses and anywhere by video conference. We are effectively serving our clients for 20 years now. Backed by our professional approach to counseling, we have earned a reputation as a trusted Family & Couple Relationship Counseling service. We specialize in Family and Couple Relationship Counseling and Sensuality Courses. Our approach takes on a higher level of exploration and understanding. It is our aim to help you discover and explore your capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses with your partner. This fosters a deeper understanding of your individuality, your relationship and how it affects your life. Couple Relationship Counseling and Courses in Reno NV.

Dr.Robert James Goodman's Training, Writing, Teaching

Doctor of Philosophy (1990) Thesis: The Pursuit Of Wisdom,
Reality And Understanding Your Values.
Bachelor of Humanities (1987) Thesis: Hey People – Life.
Certification Course: Participated in writing and development the Expansion of Sexual Potential course at More University. Studied the nature of female orgasm and trained for 15 years in a hands-on lab setting. ​This course provides information on how to experience maximum pleasure in your own body and how to produce maximum pleasure in your partner. It describes and explores the functioning of the human nervous system and addresses societal attitudes and self-imposed limitations around pleasure and in all areas of life.

About Us

Dr.James has counseled individuals, couples and families for more than 20 years who want to change their lives for the better. He is gifted with insight into people and the ability to easily relate to people, from a wide variety of backgrounds.​​
Dr.James has numerous awards of distinction in community service from local charities for his volunteer work soliciting and distributing surplus food, clothing, toys and other materials to low-income people and for working with the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. 
He has a distinguished history of helping people and families transition from homelessness into temporary housing and on to self-sufficiency. He has also worked with men released from prison to help them integrate back into society.

About Dr.Robert James Goodman

Doctor of Philosophy (1990) Thesis: The Pursuit Of Wisdom,
Reality And Understanding Your Values.
Bachelor of Humanities (1987) Thesis: Hey People – Life.
Dr. Robert James Goodman is dedicated to researching and validating the possibilities for developing an improved quality of life.
Dr. James has sought to construct frames of reference and modes of communication consistent with the characteristics and the goals of the individual regarding the self, the couple, the group and the universe.

Dr. James presents his findings to those interested in affecting their lives or  relationships in more functional, and bringing people closer for a more gratifying life . 
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