About Gratification

Private, secure sessions from anywhere via video call.

Advisory Sessions

Advisory sessions are available anywhere in the world via video conference. 

To book a session, call +1 775-745-3472 or email 2AboutGratification@gmail.com


Small group courses focusing on interpersonal communication, man-woman relationships, jealousy, sensuality and more are available. Available to any audience anywhere via video conference. Let us know your interests. 

Happy Clients

“During my second session Dr. Goodman gave me a written assignment to answer certain questions. At first, I didn’t get the point but as I worked through it I began to see things about myself that I was not conscious of before. This process is helping me understand myself better and the roadblocks that get in my way to having more of what I want in life. This is not like any counseling I’ve done before, it’s much more useful.”
Angela, San Francisco
“I learned more about myself working with Dr. Goodman for 3 months than I learned in 5 years of psychotherapy. And it was FUN!”
Michael, Walnut Creek

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